“California” Travellers built to order or convert your car!


WRCC not only offer Clients the chance to have fully restored and modified Morris Minor Travellers bespoke built to order.

We now offer the chance to modify Travellers in the popular “California” US surf style.

We can do this on a full build basis whereby we supply the car then nut and bolt rebuild it, This can be done to your own car as a conversion.

Including wider 5.5 J offset wheels with white wall tyres, and “wood” infill rear panels.

We can also offer modifications on full builds such as:

Disc & Servo assisted brakes

1275cc engine upgrade

5 speed gearbox

Electronic ignition

Recliner seats in Leather or Vinyl

Mini Lite style wheels

Telescopic suspension.

Reverse Camera’s

CD / IPod Radio

Every build is different and designed around you.

If you would like further details please contact us on 01422 881 221

We can arrange shipping both nationally and internationally and have satisfied customers Globally.

WRCC really are a one stop shop when it comes to Morris Minor, not only building cars but supplying 100’s of new and used parts.cover drivers engine bay rear passenger front outside unit bumpers lights on.. REAR ARCH rear boot paint rear doors glazed ad hung

  • Engine Size: 1098
  • Engine Type: A series
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Mileage: 00000000 miles
  • Exterior Color: Any
  • Interior Color: any
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Status: New
  • Standard Seating: 1098
  • Steering Type: 1098
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